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SR Manual Tray Sealing Machine

Mantle Packaging are the UK distributors for the Rotopack range of tray sealing machines, from table top manually operated machines to semi and fully automatic systems.

The SR range of manual tray sealing machines comprises of the SR180 Manual Tray Sealing Machine, the SR230 Manual Tray Sealing Machine and the SR430 Manual Tray Sealing Machine. All 3 models feature magnetic film clamping, so the film is automatically dispensed over the tray to be sealed. They are also available with profile cut, to trim the film to the shape of the tray.

The largest of these tray sealing machines is the SR430 model, which accepts film up to a maximum width of 400mm and would normally take two trays to be sealed in the one cycle. The machine features electronic digital temperature control, Teflon coated sealing plate, single arm operation with spring return and sliding mould with magnetic film clamp.

All models within the SR range of tray sealing machines will seal all the usual lidding films and accept trays up to a maximum of 120mm deep.

General Applications

SR type tray sealing machine installations are found in supermarkets, butchers and grocers shops producing ready meals, fresh and cooked meats, fish and vegetables.

Product Features

  • Digital temperature control
  • Magnetic film clamping
  • Teflon coated sealing plate
  • Sliding mould
SR430 Lidding Machine (twin tray operation)

SR430 Lidding Machine (twin tray operation)

Technical Specification

Model Max Film Width Max Tray Size Electrics Weight
SR180 150 140 x 200 x 120 240vac / 400 watts 19kg
SR230 200 190 x 200 x 120 240vac / 400 watts 25kg
SR430 400 370 x 250 x 120 240vac / 800 watts 35kg

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