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Food Trays - Modified Atmosphere


Mantle Packaging supply a range of APET/PE modified atmosphere food trays ideally suited for the packaging of protein products, i.e. meat, poultry and fish.

The S and P ranges are ideal cratefit trays for poultry and fish, manufactured and padded inline to be highly cost effective. The D meat packs are the only comprehensive range available in both ultra clear and coloured materials, with shallow, deep and bespoke packs, ranging from D1 for small joints, mince or burgers up to D21 which are able to accommodate heavy promotional pack weights and BBQ packs.

General Applications

The S and P Range is ideally suited for packing poultry and fish in a modified atmosphere and the D Range is specifically used for packing red meats, joints, mince, burgers, etc.

Product Features

  • Excellent sealing integrity of tray and film
  • Ultra clear or coloured options
  • Variety of sizes and shapes
  • Trays to suit all meat products and fish products
Food Trays - Modified Atmosphere

Stock Sizes

Product No Description Dimensions Pallet Count
D2-45 Clear 197 x 155 x 45 4620
D2-85 Clear 197 x 155 x 85 2772
D2-120 Clear 197 x 155 x 120 3354
D13-45 Clear 238 x 165 x 45 4760
D13-85 Clear 238 x 165 x 85 2200
D13-120 Clear 238 x 165 x 120 2576

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