Ovenable Board Ready Meal Trays


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Please note these trays are being discontinued. We still have stock of the PT110 Tray.


PT159BB replacement option:-https://www.mantlepackaging.co.uk/shop/new-ovenable-board-ready-meal-trays/

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Mantle Packaging supply a range of Dual-Ovenable Board trays, ideally suited for the packaging of ready meals. They have a resistance to high temperatures, are suitable for freezing and are available in 2 sizes. 

Our Ovenable Board Ready Meal Trays are produced from uncoated SBS paperboard with a layer of extruded polyester on one side. Our suppliers are certified by both the Sustainable Forestry Institute and the Forest Stewardship Council.

These trays are considered environmentally friendly and are made from 90% or greater renewable and sustainable materials. 90% of the structure is fully biodegradable. In addition, our products are suitable for recycling where post-consumer sorting is available. Our post- consumer trays do have value to recyclers.  The fiber can be recycled for use in everything from tissue to insulation and building materials. The waste can be also be used as a clean burning fuel source to fire boilers and other industrial processes. This is currently growing more common in Europe.



Dual-Ovenable board trays are used mainly for ready meal applications, hot puddings and raw meats with marinades.


  • Can be used in a microwave or conventional oven
  • Manufactured from 90% renewable and sustainable materials with a 90% biodegradable layer.
  • Ovenable at temperatures up to 200°C for 60 minutes.
  • Freezable down to -40°C and can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator without cracking or denting.
  • Trays hold a variety of food applications either hot or cold.
  • Upscale structural design
  • Can be sealed with peelable or weld seal film.
  • Available in 2 sizes in black or cream



Small Single – **LOW STOCK**

Replacement option:-

Medium Single

  • Tray Reference:- PT110BB Black : PT110BR Cream (also known as 6816)
  • Dimensions:- 155 x 200 x 44mm
  • Volume:- 946ml
  • Box Quantity:- 500 Trays
  • This tray is often considered as a 2 portion tray.

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Tray Colour

Cream, Black

Tray Size

Small PT159, Medium PT110

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