Mantle Packaging is the UK distributor for the Rotopack range of Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealing Machines, from table top manually operated machines to semi and fully automatic systems.

The SVR semi-automatic modified atmosphere tray sealer is a model that offers the flexibility to change the tray sizes with different plates, and larger vacuum pumps for increased production speeds. 

This sealing machine is ideally suited for production speeds of up to 500 packs per hour on a twin tray formation and accepts D2 and D13 tray types. 

For red meat applications using a high oxygen gas (80%), a special red pump is available.   A special stretched version of the SVR Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealer is also available to accept 4 x ‘D2’ size trays producing up to 800 sealed packs per hour. 


General applications 

SVR semi automatic modified atmosphere tray sealing machines are commonly installed in small supermarkets and food factories producing ready meals, fresh and cooked meats, fish and vegetables. 


Product Features 
  • Production speeds of up to 500 twin packs per hour 
  • Digital temperature control 
  • Adjustable sealing time 
  • Larger vacuum pump (up to 60m3) 
  • PLC control 
  • Automatic tray ejection 
  • Magnetic film clamping* 
  • Teflon coated sealing plate 
  • Sliding mould 
  • Mobile unit with 4 x lockable castors 

* This allows the lidding film to be automatically dispensed over the tray to be sealed as the tray is loaded into the machine. 


Technical Specification 
  • Maximum film width: 400mm 
  • Maximum tray size: 350 x 270 x 120mm 
  • Electrics: Single or three phase depending on vac pump size 
  • Air supply: 80psi (5.5 bar) 
  • Machine dimensions: 580 x 850 x 1400mm 
  • Weight: 150kg 

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