VS200 Lidding Machine – Package Deal



VS200 Lidding Machine c/w Recycled CPET Trays & Lidding Film

Choose from either the Pastel Green or Opaque Trays, made from recycled plastic and suitable for use in the Microwave, Oven & Freezer.

For more information on the machine and trays please see below.


The VS200 table top lidding machine is manufactured by Mantle Packaging Machinery Ltd. It has been designed specifically for use with small heat sealable food trays.  This stainless steel machine features a fixed temperature control, Teflon coated non stick sealing plate, twin roll film supports with guide rings and gas spring head lift.


This machine is supplied with either the Opaque or Green 1052 Recycled CPET Trays and 1 roll of Lidding Film as a package deal.

For more information on both of these trays options please click the below links:-

Opaque Recycled Ready Meal Trays

Pastel Green Recycled Ready Meal Trays


VS Range for For Sealing Trays

The VS range is perfect for sealing lidding film to suitable trays and is supplied with a die plate custom made for the tray to be sealed, with additional die plates available upon request. The trays are sealed with either a peelable film or a sealable (welded) film. The machines will work with all types of sealable food trays and films up to a maximum width of 190mm.


Operating Instructions

The machine is switched on and when the pre-set temperature has been reached, the film which is mounted at the back of the machine on two support rollers is pulled over the top of the tray to be sealed which has been placed in the die plate.  The sealing head is then lowered by hand and pressed down to seal the film to the tray, at the same time the film is cut from the main roll. The sealing head is then raised to the open position and the tray removed.


General Applications

The VS type of tray sealing machine installations are typically found in supermarkets, local butchers and grocers shops producing ready meals, fresh and cooked meats, fish and vegetables.


Product Features
  • Fixed temperature control
  • Teflon coated sealing plate
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Twin reel film supports
  • Sealing Area:- 150mm x 190mm
  • Quick change die plates (no tools required)


All of our own range machinery is Made in Britain

Additional information

Machine & Tray Options

VS200 & 1052 Opaque Trays, VS200 & 1052 Green Trays

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