Mantle Packaging can supply a range of Impulse Sealers which are suitable for use in thousands of packaging applications and are suitable for use with a wide variety of materials.


Impulse sealers and are often used in the following sectors:-
  • Food manufacturers producing goods ranging from coffee to snack bars
  • Banks for security packing of notes and coinage
  • Hospitals in chemotherapy, stem cell research, laboratory packing
  • Supermarkets for fresh fish, produce, delicatessen counters
  • Police forces for property bags, forensic evidence, drugs bags
  • Fire brigades for chemical suit packing, electrical gloves
  • MOD for ammunitions amongst other applications

Plus businesses packaging spices, coffee, tea, dried fruit, potpourri, picture frames etc.


General Applications

Constant Heat crimp sealers can be used on laminated material such as coffee pouches, confectionery, Tyvec bags. popcorn etc.