Following on from the success of introducing black airPET TOUCH trays to our range we are now pleased to announce we also stock the Silver version in 3 sizes.

airPET TOUCH trays are unique in their ability to stay cool even when heated in the oven or microwave, they’re freezable and can also be sealed using our VS300 Lidding Machine.

airPET® TOUCH ready meal trays are perfect for packaging convenience food which is then heated in the oven or the microwave. airPET® TOUCH trays are made of foamed r-Pet, making them particularly light and sustainable because of a low consumption of material. A lot of end users expect heat resistant packaging for use in the microwave or oven applications, and through a special material composition and a particular production process, airPET® TOUCH achieves these qualities while at the same time staying “cool” to the touch afterwards.


  • Made from foamed R-Pet offering excellent stability
  • Cool to the touch even after being heated in the oven /microwave
  • Freezable down to -20°C & heat resistant in conventional and microwave ovens to 200°C
  • Can be sealed with a welded or peelable film
  • Lower weight, less CO2 & less carbon footprint
  • With a density ranging from 0.17 to 0.30 g/cm3 airPET® TOUCH trays weigh up to 30 % less than conventional CPET trays
  • 100 % mono-material, consists exclusively of PET, a material which is ideally suited to recycling
  • Low waste volume, thanks to its good dead fold properties it takes very little space in the recycling bin
  • Over the course of its entire life cycle, an airPET® tray emits far less than 0.1 kg CO2 into our atmosphere
  • Small & Medium sizes available in both Black and Silver as a stock item
  • Large sizes available in black only

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